Innovative Special Solutions of Seam Welding Machines - Customised

Based on the long-term proven longitudinal welding machines type ELENA cost effective, customised solutions could be realised.

Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine with special open mandrel

Welding machine ELENA 800-S
ELENA 800-S with open mandrel

ELENA 800-S with open mandrel!

Scope of applications / features:

  • Automatic TIG or plasma welding of kitchen units made of stainless steel or aluminium
  • Welding without discolouration (with or without cold wire)
  • Automatic lowerable mandrel for easy part loading and unloading
  • Additional sidewise movable supports
welding machine for large workpieces
welding of large workpieces
welding machine for small workpieces
welding of small workpieces

Longitudinal Welding Machine with height adaptor

ELENA 2100-II A - Machine body with height adaptor (adaptor could be made to measure).

Adaptor with centering aids. Set up with 10 bolts only!

Welding machine ELENA with height adaptor
No Adapter: mandrel height 1600 mm
Welding machine ELENA with height adaptor
With Adapter: mandrel height 2500 mm

Longitudinal Welding Machine with flexible mandrel height

ELENA 3100-II H - Mandrel height adjustable from 1000 - 3000 mm

Welding Machine with staggered mandrel
Mandrel in lower Position
Welding Machine with staggered mandrel
Mandrel in upper Position