Contour Welding Machine for Handle Half Shells

Handle welding machine
Hollow handle welding machine
Handle holder
Holding device

compact TIG-/PLASMA welding machines for automatic contour welding of thin-walled hollow bodies with a material thickness from 0,3 up to 2,0 mm. 

e.g. for welding: 

  • handles for table knives
  • handles for professional knives 
  • handles for surgical instruments 
  • pan handles
  • knife sheaths
  • similar articles for the general metal and automotive supplying industry 

These welding machines are being manufactured as standard with one (GS-1) or two (GS-2) welding stations. Each station is equipped with two welding torches, welding simultaneously.

In standard execution parts with a maximum dimension of 40 x 40 x 220 mm length can be welded.  

Depending on type of application fully digital inverter or plasma-welding plants serve as weld current source, achieving a weld seam quality of highest level.

All machines are equipped with an automatic light protection.  

Fo each parts model welding parameter can be stored in the program storage and be individually used.