Procedural Principle Plasma Spot Welding

With plasma plug welding a hole is created at the seam start applying high plasma gas pressure. This way material is being molten in its complete thickness and therefore it is possible to square butt weld high-alloyed and non-alloy materials up to a thickness of 8 mm in one layer.

For filling the plug hole and for levelling the root sag mostly a cold wire is required. 

Schematic diagram plasma plug wélding
Procedural principle plug welding

Range of Applications

The Plasma plug welding is applied for sheet thicknesses above 2 mm. Typical applications are longitudinal and circular welding of thick-walled tubes, containers and bottoms. The productivity and quality advantages being achieved in comparison to common, work-intensive weld procedures offer the users - especially in high-wage country Germany - the possibility to hold their ground against competitors from low-wage countries.

Schematic diagram of seam preparation
Seam preparation for plasma plug welding

Grinding Pattern Plasma Plug Welding



Welding speed:

270 mm / min

Material thickness:

8 mm


Shear cut with cold wire feed, 1-layer weld 

Plasma plug welded
Grinding pattern