Microplasma-arc welding unit «plasmaJET 50»

Micro plasma welding appliance plasmaJET 50
plasmaJET 50


  • Microplasma-range 0.5 ? 25 A
  • Integrated high-performance cooling by circulating water
  • Modes of operation 2-cycle / 4-cycle / plasma spot welding
  • Connection for remote control via foot pedal or via key at welding torch
  • Numerical 3-digit display of welding current for set and actual value
  • Excellent burning behaviour of pilot due to inverter technology
  • Control receptacle of the device (start welding / current flows)
  • Monitoring of the coolant flow-rate to protect the plasma-torch
  • Built-in flowmeter for the precise setting of pilot and shielding gas
  • Variable pulsed-mode operation (0.2 ? 25 Hz)
  • Wheeled. Swivelling rollers with brakes
  • Variable welding parameters: pilot current, main current I1, pulsed-mode operation: reduction of current I2 during breaks (%I), gas postflow period, pulse-time T1 / T2)
  • Functions: start/stop pilot, 2-cycle / 4-cycle, gastest pilotgas, gastest shielding gas, pulsed-mode operation on/off,
  • Indicators: pilot current, current-recognition pilot current, mains voltage, monitoring of water, ?Ready? signal for main current, excess temperature, process steps I1 / I2.
  • Central connection for the welding torch

Technical data

Mains voltage: 1x 230 V
Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse: 16 A time-lag fuse
Pilot current: 3 - 10 A
Welding current: 0.5 - 50 A
Duty cycle: 50 A / 100%
No-load voltage: 95 V
Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 455 x 980 x 620
Weight: 80 kg