Advantages Plasma Welding

Arc plasma welding
Plasma arc
Arc TIG-welding
TIG arc

In competion of thermal joining technologies the PLASMA welding presents an economic alternative to LASER welding for manual as well as for automatic applications.

The cause in comparison to MSG- and TIG-welding is the higher energy density of the plasma arc which can technically be converted to increased welding speeds, respectively to finer seams.

Additional criteria of plasma welding are almost non-porous, splash-free seams of excellent quality.

Plasma welding is in advantage also with the inserted energy quantity compared with MIG- and TIG-welding procedures. It allows a distorsion-free welding.

When comparing plasma welding with laser welding, one will not obtain the very high joining speeds, however, on the other hand there are obvious advantages regarding bridging of gaps (preparation of workpieces) and regarding tolerances of positionings.

Additionally there are the immense differences in costs regarding investment sum and operating expenses. 

These are some of the reasons, why plasma welding conquers more and more new fields of applications!

Advantages of Plasma Welding compared to other conventional Welding Methods

  • As well as with TIG-short time welding additive material is fed separately from actual arc. This way a more accurate process control is possible than with the process using a melting electrode. This is one of the causes for the superiority of TIG- and plasma welding when high quality is reuqired.
  • Very high stability of arc, even with changing lengths or offset of edges at the joint.
  • Small molten pool, narrow heat impact zones as well as fine seam width (ratio: seam width/seam depth = 1:1 up to 1:2). This way low distortions of welded components.
  • The deep weld penetration allows the welding as square butt up to a sheet thickness of 8 mm. The low demand for seam preparation and minor use of weld additives and the low distortion lead to considerable productivity advantages.
  • The non-contact ignition of the plasma arc is extremely reliable.
  • the excess weld metal and the root sag are very low. This can lead to considerable savings, when otherwise the weld seam needs to be mechanically processed.
  • The high arc stability is ensured even with very low currents of 0,1 A (Micro plasma welding).
Diagram shape of arc
Shape of arc
Diagram stability of arc
Stabiltiy of arc