Start plasma welding at a low price:



  • In combination with a water cooled TIG-DC welding unit, the plasmabox allows you to easily build a welding plant for direct current plasma welding at a low price
  • High productivity, low distortion welding, and high quality seams when welding high-alloyed steel
  • High energy density for welding copper and copper alloys
  • 100% safe ignition thanks to the pilot arc (contactless)


Characteristic for the plasmabox are:

  • Inverter technology with high efficiency
  • Monitoring of the water in flow
  • Pilot current adjustable between 3 and 15 A according to the size of the electrode
  • Flowmeter for pilot gas, adjustable from 0.1 up to 1.1 liter/min
    optional 0.2 up to 3.0 liter/min
  • Central connection for the plasma welding torch
  • Quick couplers to connect cooling water
  • 7-pole control line connector to loop through the torch control line </td><//td><//td>

Technical data:

Mains voltage: 1x 230 V
Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse: 16 A träge
Pilot current: 3 - 15 A
Max. welding current: 250 A
Duty cycle: 100%
No-load voltage: 95 V
Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 305 x 260 x 400
Weight: 12 kg

Applying the plasmabox

setup plasmaBOX
example plasmaBOX

Applying the Plasmabox:

  • The plasmabox is connected with the water cooled TIG-DC welding unit via a hose package on its backside.
  • The plasma gas (Ar) is provided via a pressure reducer and combined with the plasma torch the plasma welding construction is operational.