Plasma Welding: A productive High-Performance welding method


Certainly all our standard-welding machines can also be equipped with plasma-welding current sources. Following some reasons speaking for it!

Plasma welding has compared to conventional welding methods a number of outstanding advantages. That it is still relatively rarely prevalent, is mainly caused by unsufficient knowledge of this  Informationen über das Plasmaschweißenprocess. Condition for the successful use of the advantages of plasma-welding is efficient planning and preparation of the application of process.

  • Higher welding speed compared to TIG-short-time welding (up to factor 1,5 possible) 
  • Narrow pool craters and therefore minimized distortion compared to other arc welding processes
  • High stability of arc with alterations of length
  • Offset of edges: No problem 
  • No or only minor rework, since access weld metal and root sag very minor
  • No ignition problems: Thanks to pilot arc 100 % ignition reliability
  • High power density: Advantages of welding heat conducting metals (copper, silver, gold, etc.)
  • Weldability of lowest material thicknesses (as from 0,1 mm)
  • Plug welding up to 8 mm material thickness: Without extensive seam preparation, only 1 welding step

So - why are you still TIG-welding?