Micro Soldering and Welding Unit «Lötstar 176»

Micro Flame Soldering Unit Lötstar 171
Lötstar 171


  • Appliance suitable for works carried out by goldsmithes and in dental labs as well as for the use in the industry for welding, melting, brazing and other manual works
  • Version in accordance with German standard DIN 32 508 and the rules for prevention of accidents
  • Gas generator with a gas output of 170 liters/hour in case of an duty cycle of 100%,mains voltage 230 V
  • 5-stage switch adjusted to gas consumption of the corresponding nozzle size
  • Meets high safety standards by working pressure and separate safety pressure control device, flame trap and thermally controlled gas after flow locking device
  • Extremely low cooling air noise by a temperature-controlled wispering cooling circuit (option)
  • Lowest operation costs by the long lifetime of the electrolyte and gas cleaning/condensate separation without consumption materials like e. g. filter packages
  • Long lifetime and reliability by an easiest design and a use of high-quality components

Technical data

Mains voltage: 1x 230 V
Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse: 1 x 10 A
Max. gas production: 140 Liter/Std.
Max. nozzle size: 1,1
Dimensions: W x H x D (mm): 395 x 445 x 275
Weight: 25 kg