Possible Applications

Brazing of copper joints
Application: brazing

The micro flame?s application spectrum is so broad that we can only mention some examples here.

Apart from traditional brazed joints for several copper or copper alloy components in precision engineering and varied applications for jewelers and in dental labs, the following images illustrate the production of brazed joints in medical technology.

Further Applications

Soldering of electronic parts
Soldering of electronic components

One important area of application is the production of solder joints in electronic mechanical engineering and electronics.

Connections for electric motors and ventilators are being soldered with the microflame for many years, taking advantage of the fact that after burning the wires? lacquer layer, the solder joint can instantly be produced.
The opposite image shows that it is no problem to work close to temperature-sensitive components.

The smallest component size which can safely be mastered are solder joints on transducers with a wire diameter of 0.06 mm.

Melting and cutting of glass

polishing of plexiglas with flames
Flame polishing of acrylglas

Beyond that the microflame is used to melt and cut glass.

Especially concerning curved surfaces, the microflame is a rational solution for polishing acrylic glass