Pulsed Current Arc Welding Machines

Pulsed current arc welding machine GKS-C

Due to the characteristics marking the resistance pulsed current arc welding, there are a number of technical and commercial advantages speaking for the use of this process for many welding tasks:

  • Superior quality
  • Process reliability
  • optimal energy management

Special Applications:

  • Pulsed current arc welding of different materials
  • Pulsed current arc welding of coated materials
  • Pulsed current arc welding of foils
  • Pulsed current arc welding of sheets with different thicknesses

Quality Improvement

  • Tight tolerance limits ensure reproducibility
  • Process monitoring allow easy integration in production lines
  • Single weld control guarantees liquid-tight and gas-tight joints

Reducing Operating Expenses

low energy costs, because of minor losses during welding

low mains supply values due to the use of energy-conserving condensors

long electrode life times because no damages occur at workpiece surfaces

high weld cycle sequence

use of cooling fluids not necessary



Savings of Working Steps

  • low heating of workpieces avoids distortions
  • Conservation of surface makes any rework needless
  • due to low thermal load material characteristics remain almost unchanged