Tungsten Electrodes <-> Welding Result

Nowadays it is not necessary to use thoriated electrodes, because lanthanum (WL) or cerium (WC) electrodes are superior in all areas. It is to be expected that shortly thoriated electrodes are not allowed to be offered anymore.

WC 20

The cerium electrode WC 20 is a universal electrode for almost all applications: 

  • DC current and AC current
  • non-alloyed steel
  • high-alloyed steel
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Titanium alloys
  • Nickel alloys
  • Copper alloys
  • Magnesium alloys

With cerium addition similar behavior like thoriated electrodes.

In practical use this electrode shows it superiority towards the thoriated electrode!

Excellent ignition characteristics - even with re-ignition and warm electrode - long lifetime and good ampacity. Cer oxide is much less harmful to environment than thorium oxide and it is not radioactive.

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WL 10 | WL 15 | WL 20

Tha lanthanum electrode WL 15 is a universal electrode for almost all TIG applications: 

  • DC and AC current
  • All other areas of applications - refer to WC 20

Lanthanum electrodes (WL) outperform cerium electrodes (WC) in low-current range - here the WL series is first choice. Special areas of applications are also plasma respectively micro plasma welding. Higher lanthanium content influences positively the ignition capability, which is of great advantage especially with automated welding (orbital, robot, indexing tables, etc.).

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WZ 08

Due to addition of zircon less danger of pollution of molten mass by tungsten. Areas of application: DC-welding, for AC-welding only limited applicable.

Nowadays as standard types electrodes of series WC - 20 (grey) and WL - 15 (gold) have established.

These types cover a broad material range like aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze, titanum, copper etc. Due to the involved health hazards the thoriated electrodes WT-... should possibly be avoided.

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Diameter and length of electrodes

The ampacity of electrode depends on its diameter, type of current and polarity, the alloy additions of electrode and the grinding angle.

When overloading the tip of electrode, a distinct molt drop develops at the electrode end which may go over into the molten pool.
A load at the electrode tip being too low causes an unsteady burning arc.

Standard diameter for tungsten electrodes are: 

1,0 - 1,6 - 2,0 - 2,4 - 3,0 - 3,2 - 4,0 - 4,8 - 6,0 - 6,4 mm with standard lengths of 50 - 75 - 150 - 175 mm

Distance from electrode to workpiece

With a different distance of electrode to workpiece the electrode voltage changes, which will lead to different welding results, too.

It has to be taken care of, that a constant distance is being kept towards the workpiece.

It has proven practical to have a distance between electrode and workpiece which is identical to the electrode diameter used: With an electrode of 2,4 mm diameter => 2,4 mm distance to workpiece.