Tungsten Electrodes <-> Welding Result


Weld Seam Quality:

After grinding the tip of the electrode to a diameter of approx. 10 % of the tungsten electrode it should be face ground again. The electrode exit will be positively influenced by the plane surface and causes a better welding result, especially in regard to penetration cuts. Due to the planing a break off of particles will be avoided, and at the same time the life time of the electrode will be increased considerably. 

For the weld seam quality it has to be regarded that for TIG-welding the root run of molten pool shall be per each mm wall thickness approx. 1 mm more narrow than the final run. Only this way it is guaranteed that not too much energy will be brought in, which may result in modification of weldpiece structure. 

This means with a basic material of 2 mm wall thickness a weld seam width in the final run of approx. 5 mm width and at the root run of approx. 3 mm width. With this welding form possible edge offsets and smaller weld gaps can be brigded.

As field tested for a 2,4 mm electrode a grinding angle of 30‹  up to 45‹  and a diameter of the blunted tip of ~  0,25 mm  has been proved good.

It has to be taken care of that the tungsten electrodes are reground carefully in regular intervals, already before the electrode tips are consumed.

In no case should be waited with the regrinding until the welding results are visibly worsened or the ignition attributes are bad. previously doubtable welding results and bad ignition attributes may lead to signal disturbances at the machines or to tungsten inclusions at the weld seam.

Information zu ElektrodenschleifgerätenYou will receive additional information regarding electrode grinding devices here!