Definition: Welding

The definition Welding means - according to Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.DIN 1910-1 (DIN 1910-1 has been replaced by DIN Internationale Organisation für Normung ? kurz ISOISO 857-1)  insoluble joining of components using heat or pressure (with or without filler materials).

The joint is achieved as weld seam or weld spot independent of welding method. The energy necessary for the welding process is always provided from the outside.

TIG (Tungsten inert gas welding)

With TIG-welding an arc is drawn between a non-melting tungsten electrode and the workpiece. As inert gas pure Argon is put to use. An optionally used additional wire will be fed without current, either manually or mechanically.

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Plasma Welding

In competition of thermal joining processes micro-plasma welding and plasma welding represent for manual as well as for automatic applications an economical alternative to laser welding, .

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Pulsed Current Arc Welding

The resistance pulsed current arc welding is a modified restance welding process, which is characteristical for high reproducability of each welding and at the same time for low operating costs. The welding is effected by a combination of mechanical pressure and electric energy, whereby both values are kept at constant level by control cycles. Hereby it is important to concentrate the weld current at the welding area to minimize any unnecessary heat loss.


Flash-Butt Welding

When flash-butt welding the steel parts to be joined are energized. At approach or contact the arc ignites and material partially burns off under a ray of sparks. When turning off the flashing process parts are pressed together under high pressure and upset locally. This welding method is applied for joining steels with a carbon content up to 0,4 %. Workpieces with higher carbon content require an additional heat treating following the flash-butt process.

This method can also be applied for welding various aluminium alloys and other combinations.

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Micro Flame Brazing

With electrolysis of a suitable electrolyte a hydrogen-oxygen mixture is generated from distilled water, which will be used as burnable gas for a micro torch.

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