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Your expert, when it comes to supply and control of technical gases!

In our online-shop you will find everything: from pressure reducer via gas pre-heater up to complete pressure regulating stations for bottle batteries, as well as corresponding accessories for your central gases supply.

With us "Special" means standard!

The predominent part of central gases supply plants for regulation, control and measuring we are selling do not comply to the equipment shown in the shop, but are individually fitted and explicit newly designed and produced according to the specific demands of our customers.

Automatic switch-over component for oxygen
Automatic switch-over component with serration pressure reducers, magnet valves and mandril pressure reducers and control pressure reducers at exit for high capacity 205 Nm³/h at 20 bar


All we need are the framework conditions and requirements of your process. Then we deal with the rest. The Vulkan-team takes over the complete planning and conceptual design of the supply unit of your gases supplier up to the handover point of your process.

Conceptual Design

The VULKAN-team designs the gases-technical process engineering as well as the complete development and selects the necessary components and fittings. Moreover they plan and provide - if desired - the electric controls and monitorings of the equipment.

Automatic switch-over equipment for natural gas
Automatic switch-over equipment for natural gas with each two parallel switched serretion pressure reducers and mandrel pressure reducers with integrated gas pre-heater for batch operation. Input 200 bar, Output 3 bar, Capacity 300 Nm³/h


We supply complete gases-supply equipment and closed loop control systems ready-for-assembly with complete documentations and operating instructions according to pressure equipment directive.

Electric controls and monitorings with SPS-units, too, can be produced and supplied by our VULKAN control and switchboard cabinet construction.


We guarantee that all equipment and components are produced according to newest technical regulations for instance the pressure equipment directive PED EG/97/23  or the currently valid German and international norms DIN, EN or ISO.


The Vulkan Team assembles for you on site the complete gases equipment starting from central pressure regulation station via tubings up to the working places.

The Vulkan-assembly specialists have specialized expert knowledge of currently valid regulations, technical requirements, norms and guidelines, as well as of customer-specific regulations, DGR WHG, TRbF, TRAC, BGR 500 / part 2 / 2.32 oxygen, etc.,welding and brazing technology, gases technology, quality control, examinations)

For each task we provide a well-rehearsed assembly team, having the specific knowledge to solve the requirements of your process most expertly!