Hydraulic Resistance Upsetting Machine

The hydraulic resistance upsetting machines of Type WES-105 and WES-205 are designed for upsetting bolsters at table and cooking knives.

Knife upsetting machine Type WES-205
Upsetting machine Type WES-205 for upsetting cooking knives

More precise than forging!

For upset forging of flat material and for precise production of table knife blades and cooking knives. Equipped with SPS-control and full-automatic cycle. Upon request available with handling system (robot) integrated in your production line.

Chisels prior to upsetting process and upset
Bolster upsetting at chisels

Example: Production of table knife blades

  1. Cutting blade (Eccentric press 600 kN)
  2. Upsetting (Upsetting machine WES-105)
  3. Forging / calibrating bolster (Friction press 2500 kN)
  4. Trimming blade (Eccentric press 500 kN)
Development table knife blades
Operating sequence for the production of table knife blades applying the upset forging process

Financial advantages of electro-hydraulic upsetting procedure

  • Reduced investment expenses
  • Lower tool costs due to reduced wear
  • Savings in material, energy and operating expenses
  • Reduction of production tolerances
  • Savings in personnel / investments
  • Optimal expandability of production up to full-automation
  • Improvement of environmental conditions

Qualitative advantages of electric upsetting

  • Accumulation of sinter is being reduced, since heating of workpiece starts from the center of material.
  • This way a longer lifetime of forging tools is ensured.
  • During the upsetting process material fibres form without fracture according to shape required.
  • The core structure and size remain unchanged due to the characteristics of resistance heating.